Best Free Video Call Apps For Android with Friends

Free video call apps for PC: Who knew video-conferencing apps would become such a big part of everyone’s life so soon?

From IRL socialization, people around the world are increasingly turning to Zoom, Houseparty, FaceTime, Skype, and all the other video-chat apps.

But which one is best, which one should you use to keep in touch with your friends, family, and Tinder date, and – with security concerns turning away from Zoom – which apps will keep your conversations secret?

Here’s a ranking of our best free video calling apps, with everything you need to know about each.

Which are the best free video call apps

For the list below, we’ve considered a few key points for each app. This includes how easy each app is to set up and use, how responsive it is (including its ‘latency’, or the amount of delay on the line), how many people can join the call, whether it’s end-to-end use for security encryption, and There are also fun extra bells and whistles that can make video calling less awkward.

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The best video calling apps you can download


Every industry has its Oz, and Skype is the video calling of Coca-Cola, Mickey Mouse, and McDonald’s. This is probably the first video-conferencing app you have used.

Launched in 2003, it is one of a handful of video calling services that are becoming ubiquitous in action. But we can bet that the only person on Skype these days is your boss or your grandma.


A relative newcomer, the French app Yubo is basically a social network for making new friends, but with video-calling – suppose MySpace, Tinder, and Houseparty, all become one.

It primarily targets teenagers, but 18-over-overs are also welcome. It’s important to note that Yubo has come up with some criticisms about child protection – but we’re thinking about using video calling to create new relationships between consenting adults.

Google Duo

Does Google have a dedicated app for video calls? Maybe not. The Duo isn’t widely used, but it does promise high-quality video calls with low latency (meaning high responsiveness) and integrates well with other Google Pixel phone apps.

It works using your phone number, but you can only call contacts set up in Duo – which may not be many of your friends.


For Mac and iPhone users, FaceTime is an obvious option: it’s pre-installed on your phone, computer, or iPad. It can handle up to 32 sessions, with each face bouncing around the screen in a small square. Its dazzling video effects such as text, shapes, and stickers can make your boat float.

Google Hangouts

In addition to Duo, Google has another app that allows non-business users to video-chat – and you may be surprised at how easy it is. Hangouts lets you set up video or voice calls as well as instant messaging and can be used by anyone with a Google Account — more than 1.5 billion people.

There are no stickers or filters: just dial someone through their Gmail address and start ChinaWag. You are in the United States and you can call any phone number in Canada for free and cheaply anywhere else.


You probably know about Houseparty – everyone and their mom downloaded it in the last month. Launched in 2016 and bought last year by the owners of Fortnite by Epic Games, it is a primarily smartphone-based app (the web version is quite limited).

Houseparty lets you hang out with up to 12 people in a virtual room and play party games like Heads Up. You can see when people are online, and even their chats with other people get crashed.

Facebook Messenger

One of the two apps on this list owned by the powerful, mighty Facebook, Messenger is a text app with primarily video functionality. But there are some fun extras on mobile, such as video effects – if you want to play with your ears or play a virtual hamburger nibble game. And the maximum capacity of one call is 50 people. Party time!


Like Messenger, WhatsApp may sound like the most popular instant-messaging app – but it also has a pretty solid video-call function. To start a video chat, tap the camera icon at the top of any face-to-face conversation. You can then add additional contacts to turn it into a group call.


At one time people used Skype; Now, they zoom in. The ubiquitous video-conferencing equipment of the day has become a part of everyday life in offices and schools.

And it’s a tough option, especially if you download the desktop app. Once you call, you can upload any image (from a cool beach to Justin Bieber’s photo) as a custom background to your skin tone using the Festune-style effect.

Smooth out, share your screen, and see each participant at the same time, ok As in the sci-fi movie. The best part is that up to 100 people can join the chat at the same time -So as long as you all have good WiFi, you can practice your complete gospel singing together.


video now, owned by Norwegian firm VideoNor, makes it a friendly-looking alternative to the California technology giant. The promise is to make video-calling easier: one person sets up a ‘room’ and anyone (even the total technophobic) can connect with a simple web address.

The downside of common ‘room’ names is that they are easy to guess, but you can lock your chats to prevent unwanted intruders. Best Free Video Call Apps For Android with Friends.

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