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Digital Marketing Course Free:  Online marketing has created a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and job seekers. Digital marketing is replacing traditional marketing practices, and it has become the next big thing on the Internet.

However, don’t let the term fool you because it’s not rocket science. People with any educational background can build a successful career in digital marketing.

Some platforms are offering certification courses for digital marketing enthusiasts and you can start your learning from these platforms.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course Free

There is no better way to learn digital marketing than through a company that has started. Google’s free online digital marketing course is at the top of our list for good reason.

It covers all aspects of digital marketing for beginners as well as intermediate users and comes with a free certificate. Google-certified industry certification is an ideal way to target your profile and add it to your skillset.

This 40-hour free online course in digital marketing has 26 modules and you can complete it at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want. Each module contains a few lessons that include lessons, videos, and quizzes to test your knowledge.

If you don’t want to progress through the entire curriculum, you can choose which lessons to add to your personal education plan. However, we highly recommend that you start from scratch and go step by step so that you can achieve certification.

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Digital Marketing Course Free Strategies

This fully advanced digital marketing course is offered by Edx, one of the leading universities in Scotland.

The course can be completed in about 8 weeks with four to six hours of training per week. The curriculum is extensive.

Students looking for the most inclusive free course in digital marketing will find it one of the best choices.

Certificates for the course can be obtained at a given level of edX, which is also part of a professional certificate. However, the text of each module can be audited for free. Course auditing lets you read and view all the material.

The program is designed to teach users a general understanding of digital marketing at a strategic level as it relates to business.

Taught by two instructors from the University of Edinburgh, this is the perfect course to add to your resume or CV.

Free Diploma in e-Business Digital Marketing

Allison was created by Mike Ferrick in 2007 and was the first huge online open course (MOOC) platform on the web. With over six million students enrolled on the site, this is one of the best free online course providers you can find.

The Diploma in E-Business course helps students build marketing skills by learning Google Analytics and AdWords, search optimization, revenue metrics, analytics, campaign tracking, digital measurement, and more.

More than 84,000 students have enrolled in the free online digital marketing course, which takes six to ten hours to complete. You must pass the final assessment with a grade of 80 percent or better.

Upon completion, you will receive a Learner Achievement Verification Report, or you may choose to purchase a certificate from the site’s online shop for about $ 20.

Beginner’s Guide to Online Digital Marketing Course Free

Quicksprout’s tagline is “Get your MBA in Digital Marketing for free” and this wonderful platform is rich in resources to help you learn everything you need to know to be successful.

Founded in 2008 by marketing expert Neil Patel, the platform is managed by a group of talented entrepreneurs led by Lars Lofgren.

The platform provides endless information related to everything related to the internet and digital marketing. However, if you want to rope in and then learn something, you have to start from here.

The Beginners’ Guide to Online Marketing is a partial course, part e-book, and contains 13 guides that help you master every aspect of digital marketing.

For those who like to learn at their own pace, QuickSprout is the perfect platform for you to jump in wherever you want and start your journey to master digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing Course Free strategy and action

Digital Strategy and Action is an exciting free online course that will introduce marketers to big businesses like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Google.

In it, students will learn how the CEOs of this giant have made billions from a common idea and how they are constantly growing.

The course includes inspirational in-depth case studies, including stories by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, as well as many tips, tricks, and tips.

If you are an entrepreneur or marketer who dares to dream big, this course will give you insight into how the world’s greatest marketing leaders have come to the fore.

Students can choose the version of the payment, which gives them a trainer-signed shareable certificate with the logo of Babson University, but this is not a requirement.

It is also available for free in the fully revised version.

Internet Marketing for Smart People

Copyblogger has been providing great advice on digital marketing for over 16 years, and this course – Internet Marketing for Smart People – is designed with the same compelling, no-nonsense approach as the rest of their content.

Respected, Copybloggers have made a name for themselves in the online community as experts in a key aspect of digital marketing-content strategy.

The free online digital marketing course consists of 20 modules that will be conveniently distributed in your email inbox. In addition, you will receive e-book bonuses and access a wealth of resources to harness the power of written words to impress and impress your audience.

Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course

Hubspot Academy’s Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course is a four-hour industry-recognized program for digital marketers who want to focus their intuitive efforts.

Become an Online Marketing Manager

This 24-hour course, offered through LinkedIn Learning, provides students who already understand digital marketing with the skills they need to move up the corporate ladder in their management role.

In this free digital marketing online course, students will learn best practices for online marketing, using the latest tools to implement a digital marketing strategy, and how to effectively advertise on social media platforms.

Learn Digital Marketing Course Free in a short time

This course only takes four hours and Skillshare offers a two-month free trial so you will have enough time for all the lessons if you choose.

Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

The Digital Media and Marketing Strategy course offered by the University of Illinois is the fifth in a seven-part specialization in digital marketing.

As with all Coursera programs, this can be done in audit mode free of charge or in a paid version. Students who choose the paid version will receive a Certificate of Completion.


It is worth every minute to take some free Digital Marketing courses Free online. Whether you want to show your current or former employer some new skills or you want to know more about how digital marketing works, you can’t go wrong.

The world will continue to move forward with technology whether you want to learn about it or not. Older marketing methods will be removed as new and innovative methods will take their place.

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