Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies

medicare supplemental insurance plans, also called Medigap plans, are plans sold by private companies other than Medicare.

Medicare supplemental insurance plans pay for costs or “gaps” in coverage not provided by original Medicare. This can include prescriptions, doctor visits, vision and dental care, and more.

The top 10 best medicare supplemental insurance companies offer competitive pricing and a modern, easy-to-use website interface. They make it easy to reach customer service agents and offer discounts to their customers.

What is Medigap (Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan)?

Medicare consists of 4 parts:

  • Medicare Part A
  • Part B
  • Medicare Part C
  • Part D

It contains 10 complementary schemes written A to N. Medicare Supplement Plans A and B are separate from Medicare Parts A and B.

Medicare supplement plans are similar to Medigap plans — the terminology is interchangeable. Still, coverage is different for each Medicare supplement plan. ,

What are the benefits of buying a  Medicare Supplement Insurance plan?

The benefit of a Medicare supplement insurance plan is that it pays for costs covered by original Medicare. This includes coverage for prescription drugs, hospital stays, hospice care, blood work, and emergency room visits. This can limit your out-of-pocket expenses to a great extent.

Top 10 medicare supplemental insurance Companies?

Medicare supplement insurance is very important to cover all the extra expenses that your medical insurance plan does not cover.

Here are the 10 best Medicare supplement insurance companies of 2022 that you can rely on for your Medicare supplement needs.

Mutual of Omaha: Best Overall Medicare Insurance Company

It’s clear why Mutual of Omaha tops plans. The company has an A+ rating with AM Best and an AA- rating. Founded in 1909, Mutual of Omaha has been a household name for more than a century.

They pay 98% of Medicare claims within 12 hours, saving customers the hassle of worrying about claim status.

Plus, you get a variety of policy options when using Mutual of Omaha as a Medicare insurance company.

In addition to Medicare supplement plans, Mutual of Omaha offers Medicare Part D prescription drug plans, dental coverage, and long-term care insurance to name a few of its products.

Also, the family discount makes choosing Mutual of Omaha beneficial if your spouse already has an active Medigap policy with this company.

Aetna: Widely Available Medicare Insurance Company

Founded in 1853, Aetna has proven to be one of the most established insurance companies across the country.

More than 39 million customers, including Medicare beneficiaries, rely on Aetna for health care coverage. Aetna has an A rating from AM Best and an A+ rating. Thus, Etna proves to be a top performer everywhere.

Medicare supplements insurance company, Aetna offers top Medigap plans in 43 states. These plans provide significant benefits, such as a 12-month lock guarantee, home discounts in more than 43 states, and 30-day freelook protection.

Cigna: Best Customer Service from a Medicare Insurance Company

The Insurance Company of North America (INA) began in 1792 as the first stockholder-owned insurance company in the United States.

INA eventually became the company we know today as Cigna, one of the most prominent health insurance carriers nationwide. Rated as a company by AM Best and S&P, Cigna has proven itself as a qualified Medicare insurance company.

As a Medicare supplement insurance company, Cigna offers all the top Medigap plans and a great range of dental, vision, and hearing plan options for Medicare beneficiaries.

Cigna also offers spouse and family discounts in several states nationwide However, one of Signa’s advantages is its top-rated customer service department.

United American: Best User Experience for Medicare Insurance Companies

United American Insurance Company started in 1947, offering Medicare insurance options since 1966. Currently, the company maintains an A+ rating from AM Best and has done so for over 40 years. However, the S&P rating for United America is AA-.

United Americans offer several top Medicare supplement plans, but it is most famous for its Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F and High Deductible Plan G policies.

One of the main reasons many people choose United Americans over Medicare is their two-year policy anniversary rule.

United America’s two-year policy anniversary rule allows people who are on a higher deductible plan to switch to the standard version of their plan on the two-year anniversary of the policy without any underwriting health questions.

This means that you Cannot face denial due to pre-existing health conditions. Thus, if you have a Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G with United America and you travel through the same carrier, if you want to switch to Medigap Plan G, you can do so after two years.

Capital Life: The most comprehensively affordable medical insurance company

Capital Life is an American insurance company founded in 1905, specializing in Medicare supplements and life insurance. The company is highly successful, receiving an A rating by AM Best and an A rating.

After more than a century in business, Capital Life remains a trusted Medicare insurance company. Capital Life is committed to making the lowest-cost Medicare supplement plans accessible to as many people as possible.

UnitedHealthcare: The most effortless Medicare insurance company underwriting process

UnitedHealthcare has been offering Medigap options to Medicare beneficiaries since the late 1970s. As one of the top two largest insurance companies in the country, UnitedHealthcare is an excellent choice when looking for a Medicare insurance company.

UnitedHealthcare is rated an A company by AM Best and an A+ company. These ratings are an accurate representation of the company as a whole.

UHC provides quality health care to Medicare beneficiaries with one of the nation’s leading Medicare supplement underwriting processes.

Manhattan Life: Best Medicare Insurance Company Website Experience

As one longest continuously operating insurance companies in the United States, Manhattan Life continues to satisfy policyholders. Manhattan Life has a B++ rating from AM Best and an A rating.

The company is successful in the Medicare field with 30+ years of experience. Manhattan Life is dedicated to advancing its technology for a smooth user experience.

Humana: Best Value Medicare Insurance Company

Humana Insurance Company has been providing healthcare to Americans since 1961. Rated an A-Company by AM Best and a B++ Company, Humana prides itself on affordable healthcare for all nominees.

As a top-rated Medicare insurance company, Humana offers several additional benefits to policyholders. These benefits include a Silver Snickers membership and 24/7 access to telehealth doctors in 47 states.

Blue Cross Blue Shield: Best Medicare Insurance Company Mobile App

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a premier insurance company since 1929. Having received an A rating from AM Best and a B rating, BCBS is one of the most recognized Medicare insurance companies.

Blue Cross Blue Shield focuses on customer satisfaction. The company offers specific Medigap plans and policies that combine dental, vision, and hearing coverage. One of the best resources for customers to track claim history and payments is an easy-to-use mobile app

Bankers Fidelity: Highest rated senior experience with Medicare insurance companies

Bankers Fidelity has been serving seniors with Medicare for over 65 years. With A-ratings from both AM Best, Bankers Fidelity remains a successful Medicare insurance company.

Is a Medicare Supplement Plan Worth It?

Yes. A medicare supplement insurance plan can help Medicare cover everything from prescription drugs to ER visits to long hospital stays. Some also include nursing care or living in a facility.

Depending on the plan you choose, you may have copays, for example, or very limited doctor visits. Covering even one ER visit can be a huge financial gain.

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