Reebee  App Reviews

Are you looking for Reebee app reviews? Okay, so here it is. As food prices rise, Reebee will make your shopping trip more time-consuming and affordable. To help you stay on a budget and make sure you never miss a good deal,

If grocery shopping is your thing, you know how important travelers are. These are an essential part of the money-saving rush, especially if you want to get the best deals on all your purchases.

This is especially true for die-hard couponers who, on each store trip, carry more passengers.

With Reebee, you don’t have to stress too much. The digital platform, which operates out of Kitchener, Ontario, aims to help Canadians get through retail stores and passengers from there in as little time as possible. What’s more, it’s all done with minimal noise.

What is Reebee app?

In 2018 it was predicted that food prices would rise by about 3.5% in 2019. The calculation further shows that every Canadian household has to add $ 411 to spend on their groceries or food items. It’s scary for families with a tight budget or limited income Source, when there aren’t many options to save money.

Reebee ’s creators, Michel Martiniak and Tobias Dankiewicz, have come up with a solution.

The company thought of keeping all the available grocery flyers in one place, so that users can compare prices and get the best deals. The two later worked in college, distributing hand-held flyers in fifth grade in London Ontario ,and instead came up with the idea of ​​distributing flyers digitally.

Features of Reebee  app Reviews

Search functionality

If you open the Reebee  app, the bar at the bottom is equipped with a search feature. The search feature lets you sort through travelers as quickly as possible and you will rarely fail to find what you are looking for. You are allowed to filter search results by price, store or relevance

Also, when you do a search, you are presented with a quick list that shows which items are trending. Press the History button to see a list of items you’ve searched for before.

Shopping list

This is probably the most exciting feature of the Reebee app. You can create a shopping list in the app and then use the search function to find items in the list. You can then associate the items with their respective flyer ads

As your shopping continues, the shopping list feature lets you identify items already in store. Once registered, you can easily match items with their prices and identify which travelers have items from other stores.

Device synchronization

Reebee lets you sync your account across devices – tablets, phones ,and iPads. You will sync them all under one account. google play store.

For your convenience, you can create a shopping list on the big screen at home and then access it with your phone while you shop.

Advantages of using Rthe eebee app

Local Shopping

Everything you find in the Reebee app has been localized. You will only see that flyer from the store near you. To achieve this feat, Reebee has designed the app to use your postal code, which you will be asked to enter, or your phone’s GPS to track your location.

In the end, you’ll only see flyers for stores near you. I find it very impressive.


The Reebee app is not just for grocery shopping. You can see passengers for almost every type of department. Electronics, Kids, Home, Appliances, you name it, there is a section for Reebee.

Not only can you streamline your search by category, but Reebee allows you to search by specific stores. Whether you’re looking for local IKEA, or Best Buy, or Canadian Tire travelers, the app lets you streamline your search based on what you’re looking for.

Reebee  app will save you time

The main purpose of the Reebee app is to help you save money, it also helps you save time. Instead of flipping between flyers, the app can help you find a price match as well as much faster.

It is estimated that by using the Rebi app, you can save 36 minutes per week by avoiding coupon searches.

Simple and easy to use

I have already mentioned this, but I will say it again, the Rebi app is very user friendly and extremely easy to use or get started. Browsing through hundreds of travelers is literally down to the click of a few buttons. If you have a deal of your choice in your shopping list, just by clicking on the plus sign of the app, you can add it.

The app is organized by the store and each list price indicates expiration. It really makes it easy and simple for you to plan your weekly shopping.

Reebee App Is Environmentally Friendly

By downloading and using the Reebee app, you can No need to worry about throwing away waste paper in the name of browsing through the liar.

Instead, everything is done digitally. You can browse through flyers, match prices and create a shopping list in the app.

With the Reebee app, you don’t have to worry about leaving paperwork clutter with you when you shop.

Reebee Vs. Flipp

One key point on which Reebee flipp is its device sync feature. The app lets you access your shopping list, through your accounts and extensions across all your devices, regardless of platform. Flipp doesn’t let you do that. The app does not allow cross-platform synchronization in your account.

02 Initially, the Rebee app was lost to the Flipp app in terms of its searchability. But with the recent update, Reebee has improved its app by adding a search function. This has reduced the search time incredibly. Previously, you had to look at each page to find travelers who would meet your needs. This is no longer needed. You can use the search function to quickly find your passengers.

03 Reebee also gives you fine control over which flyer you see. You can use the section function to easily organize the passengers you want to see.

04 Flipp has no offline capabilities or functionality. You must be connected to the Internet to use the app. The Reebee  App Reviews lets you access flyers Offline, unless you’ve seen a page of flyers before.

Is The Reebee App Really Worth It?

Yes. You can use the app to make some decent savings on grocery shopping as well as other shopping activities. This is a great option not only for hard-core Couponers, but also for anyone else.

You can also visit the company’s blog for ideas on what to do with all the money saved. They offer excellent advice on saving money, meal plans ,and even adding or removing items from your shopping list.

Last words

The Reebee  App Reviews is really worth your time and money. The app is easy and fun to create lists and save money on the go.

I compared it to other coupon apps like Flipp and Checkout and the results are in front of you.

Give the app a try, if you don’t like it you can uninstall it anytime, it’s free to try anyway.

If you are using the Reebee app, let me know your thoughts and comments.

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