What is CPC/SCP Charge on Credit Card?

What is CPC/SCP charge on Credit Card?: Almost everyone has to use the postal service at some point. Canadians demand a reliable postal service, whether it’s sending a Christmas package, a postcard or a birthday card to your favorite nephew.

When you pay for your postal service at Canada Post, you may notice on your statement that it says CPC/SCP or CPC SCP eCommerce Ottawa, ON but what does that mean?

This article will discuss what a CPC/SCP is, what their responsibilities are, and how merchant codes are assigned in Canada.

What Is CPC/SCP?

CPC (Canada Post Corporation) is the postal service provider in Canada. CPC/SCP is the abbreviation for Canada Post Corporation/Society Canadian des Postes.

This postal service organization was created in 1867 and includes business, commercial and personal sectors.

Why Does A CPC/SCP Charge Show Up?

If you send a package or purchase supplies with Canada Post with your credit card, you will be charged a CPC/SCP fee. Don’t worry; This is a scam and not a valid complaint.

Each retailer or business entity will have a Merchant Category Code (MCC) assigned to them. CPC/SCP is the Canada Post code.

The Basics Of Canada Post

Originally formed as Royal Mail of Canada, the postal service remained a part of the government until the 1980s. To differentiate itself and show its own financial independence and security, rebranding means changing the name and posting to Canada.

CPC/SCP nearly 17 million addresses with affordable rates and reliable delivery. There are more than 6,200 post offices across the country, many of which are located in corporate offices or privately owned franchises.

You can mail letters and packages through the service, but shipping prices will vary depending on the weight of the parcel and its destination.

In addition to mailing your packages, Canada Post can help you track them with their free tracking service. You can use your email, phone or company website to track your parcel.

If you use Priority Mail or Flat Rate Box, you will automatically be assigned tracking via a reference number or delivery notice card.

Does Canada Post Ship Internationally?

Not only does Canada Post deliver to the US, they ship to over 190 countries around the world.

Your shipping business products or personal items, there are things you can do to save time. First, you can fill out a custom form before going to the post office. You’ll need it to meet regulations and safety standards.

Next is the custom code. You will need to know a code for each item you ship. Item description codes are located on the Canada Post website.

Finally, before sending your parcel internationally, you can get an estimate of duties and taxes at your destination.

Bottom line

Overall, the CPC/SCP or Canada Post Corporation/Société Canadienne des Postes has a legal obligation to provide standard postal service to citizens across Canada.

CPC/SCP has provided these services to Canada for over 100 years and they are still an important means of distributing information to the world.

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