Best Scotiabank Student Credit Cards in Canada

Scotiabank student credit cards offers a wide selection of credit cards from three major brands including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

If you’re a student looking to get a Scotiabank student credit card, you’ll find that the two cards they’ve specifically designated for students are Visa cards.

The bank also offers other brands of no-fee cards, for which students can apply if they meet the eligibility requirements.

What is a Student Credit Card?

A student credit card is a credit card designed with students in mind. These cards usually come with no annual fee and little or no minimum income eligibility requirements

Student credit cards generally offer fewer benefits than regular cards; However, you can use them to build your credit score in the same way.

A student credit card may offer lower spending limits and those without income may need a co-signer, such as a parent or guardian, to qualify.

How To Choose A Scotiabank Student Credit Cards In Canada

01 Welcome Bonus

One of the inaugural benefits of the Scotiabank Student Credit Card is the welcome bonus. These are usually posted on their website or during your sign up. However, some offers require a certain purchase amount to qualify for the bonus.

02 Rewards

Make sure you choose a student credit card that has flexible rewards redemptions or no requirements. Blackout dates may apply to rewards you redeem. Contact Scotiabank for more information.

03 Insurance Coverage

Some student credit cards offer basic insurance coverage, but most do not. Make sure the credit card you choose has some insurance coverage. It depends on your preference and needs.

05 Unique Features

Most student credit cards offer direct cashback or rewards credit cards. However, some may have unique features, such as exclusive access to Scotiabank, American Express, Visa or Mastercard programs.

06 Earn Rate

Credit card earning rates are an essential feature that you should consider. The Scotiabank Student Credit Card has a lower earning rate than other credit cards. Whether it’s cash back or points, be sure to find a rate that suits your needs.

07 Annual Fee

Whether a student or not, you may qualify for some Scotiabank credit cards as long as you meet the criteria. Note: that student credit cards typically do not have an annual fee. This is a significant benefit that should be considered in reducing your fees.

Types Of Scotiabank Student Credit Cards in Canada

01: Cash Back Credit Card

One of the types of Scotiabank student credit cards is the cashback type. Like other cashback cards, it offers fixed cashback for every eligible purchase made on the card. One of the best examples is the Scotiabank L’earn Visa card.

02: Rewards Credit Cards

Scotiabank student credit cards also offer rewards It works by earning points from eligible purchases. You can then redeem your points for rewards. Scotiabank’s rewards program is called Scene+, which offers a variety of rewards options for travel, groceries, banking and more.

The Best Scotiabank Student Credit Cards In Canada

Scotiabank Scene+ Visa Card for Students

The Scene+ Visa Card is one of the few credit cards you can use to earn Scene+ points. Scene+ Points can be redeemed for free movies at Cineplex theaters, food and drink at many restaurants across Canada, and many other rewards.

With the modified Scene+ rewards program, you can also redeem your points for travel, shopping, merchandise, entertainment and more.

The Scene+ Visa Card from Scotiabank is a free student credit card and offers:

Scotiabank American Express Card

The Scotiabank American Express card offers 5,000 Scene+ points ($50 value) after you spend $750 in the first 3 months.

When you spend at least $5,000 in your first year, you’ll get an additional 5,000 Scene+ bonus points for a total bonus of $100.

The card offers 2 Scene+ points per $1 spent on groceries, restaurants and food delivery memberships and 1 point per $1 spent on everything else.

On the insurance side, cardholders enjoy access to mobile device insurance, purchase protection and extended warranty insurance coverage.

Scotia Momentum No-Fee Visa Card

This no-fee Scotiabank credit card offers 1% cash back on eligible gas, grocery, drugstore purchases and recurring bill payments; And 0.50% cashback on everything else.

Scotia Momentum Master Card is part of Taker when you pay using your card Also offers 20% off base car rental rates at Avis and Budget locations. It has no insurance coverage.

Scotiabank L’earn Visa Card

This card is Scotiabank’s second credit card specifically designated for students. L’earn Visa Card has no annual fee and offers:

Up to 1% cashback. You earn 0.25% on the first $500; 0.50% on the next $500 and 1% on spending over $1,000

Up to 20% off car rentals at participating AVIS locations worldwide.

Scotiabank Student Credit Card Alternative

While the basic Scotiabank student credit card is great, students can also take advantage of these credit cards below that offer better benefits and perks.

You’ll usually qualify for these credit cards if you make some income (about $12,000 or more per year) and have a good credit score.

  • Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card
  • 02:  KOHO Prepaid Mastercard
  • BMO Cash Back Mastercard

Student Credit Card Benefits

A student credit card can be invaluable in helping you learn how to use credit responsibly while establishing your credit history.

By building a solid credit profile, you’ll be able to access credit facilities in the future if you need to make big purchases and do so at competitive interest rates.

Build your credit score when you use your credit cards responsibly. Check your free credit score.

Earn rewards. This can include cash back and points that you can redeem for travel, entertainment, merchandise and more. Some credit cards also offer special discounts for students at popular retailers and brands.

Enjoy insurance coverage. Depending on the card you apply for, these include purchase protection, extended warranties, travel insurance and car rental coverage. Most credit cards also protect you against fraudulent use.

Access to finance when needed. It helps in managing your cash flow; However, you need to be careful about spending money you don’t have. Make sure you pay your balance on time to avoid interest charges.

Personal financial tools. Some banks offer tools you can use to track your spending, budget, your credit score, and more.

How to Redeem Your Scotiabank Student Credit Card Rewards

Scotiabank Student Credit Card holders are enrolled in the Scene+ Rewards program. You can redeem rewards by signing up and logging in to the website or the Scene+ mobile app. After that, offers are instantly posted on the app, which you can redeem using your credit card.

Scotiabank offers cardholders a choice of travel, dining, shopping, movies and more. It partners with off-price stores and brands like Best Buy, Expedia, Best Buy and more. You can also view your available points in the Scene+ mobile app.

All offers eligible for your student credit card are available on the website and app only. Deals and rewards may change over time.

How to Apply for a Scotiabank Student Credit Card in Canada


The Scotiabank Student Credit Card has no minimum annual requirements, credit score or history requirements. It requires only a few eligibility requirements, which are as follows:

You must be a resident of Canada.

You must be of age in your province or territory. For context, the age of majority is 18 in Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island, 19 in all other provinces.


Can international students in Canada get credit cards?

Canada is no stranger to international students, so it’s only fitting that its banks offer credit cards and banking services specifically tailored to you and your needs. All of the Big Five banks—RBC, BMO, CIBC, TD Canada Trust, and Scotiabank—offer some type of credit card for international students.

Can international students get loans in Canada Scotiabank?

International students enrolled in Canadian graduate programs may apply with a co-borrower who is a Canadian citizen/Canadian permanent resident.

Is Scotiabank good for international students?

Enjoy no monthly fees1, unlimited debit and inter e-transfers2, unlimited international money transfers3 and more with the program. It’s all part of why Scotiabank is the international student bank.

Which bank is best for student credit card?

Top student credit cards include SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card and ICICI Bank Student Forex Credit Card. Besides, you can also get secured credit cards like Paysabazar Step UP Credit Card, Kotak 811 # DreamDifferent Credit Card and ICICI Coral Contactless Credit Card.

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