Apple Card In Canada | Is the Apple Card Available in Canada?

How do i get a apple card in Canada? Apple is known for its innovations, clever gadgets and features that make life easier for the average consumer. One of its biggest products is actually a credit card. Basically, Apple Card works like a credit card, but better.

The Apple Card is so valuable that the US investment bank, Goldman Sachs, has made a US$1.2 billion loss in loan-loss provisions in 2022. However, Goldman Sachs is still hanging on to the cards and spending big to attract new customers.

So the question for now is: What is so great about Apple Card that people and banks like it? And is there anything in Canada right now that can compete with it?

What is Apple Card?

The Apple Card is a technology company’s version of a credit card and is designed for use with Apple devices. Cardholders can access their card information on their iPhone, iPad, Mac computer and Apple Watch. Card approval takes less than two minutes and does not affect your credit.

Goldman Sachs is the issuing bank, payment network for the MasterCard Apple Card.

Is The Apple Card Available In Canada?

At the time of this writing, Apple Card is only available in the US. Canadians are currently unable to use Apple Card.

That said, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted in 2019 when the card first launched that there were intentions to expand the card’s availability to other countries. Given the fact that the Canadian government has approved the trademark application for the Apple Card in early 2021, it can be expected that the card could be available to Canadians soon.

Features of Apple Card

Apple Card comes with a host of convenient features including:

  • Apply Fast: Apply quickly from your Apple device and get approved in minutes.
  • No Fees: No fees for anything including annual fees, set-up and maintenance fees or late fees
  • Daily Cash Back: Get 2% cash back every time you make a payment using your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • View purchases instantly: Every time you make a purchase using your Apple Card, you’ll instantly see the transaction complete. You can also view your payment summary by week, month or year with a simple tap.
  • Easy Savings: Your cash is stored in your Apple Wallet app so you can access it today or anytime.
  • Instant Card Activation: No need to call to activate your Apple Card Instead, you activate the card on your mobile device.
  • Month-End Payment Due Dates: Get an idea of your card’s payment due dates with easy-to-remember month-end dates.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Ask questions via text or phone call any time of the day or night.

How to apply for Apple Card?

Applying for an Apple Card is very easy and can be done in a minute or two. To apply card from your Apple device, follow these steps:

  • Open the Wallet app
  • Tap the + sign at the top right
  • Tap on “Apply for Apple Card”.
  • Tap “Continue”.
  • Fill in your personal information
  • Tap “Next”.
  • Review your account details, including credit limit, APR and fees
  • Tap “Accept Apple Card”.

What is apple credit card canada?

The Apple Card offers 1%-3% cashback, no fees, and can be linked to Apple Pay or used as a traditional credit card. In true Apple fashion, it’s designed to work with all your iOS devices Your card information can be accessed from iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

The card itself is made of titanium and has no numbers on the front or back. Issuing bank is Goldman Sachs. By 2022, it will have 6.7 million US cardholders.

Apple Credit Card Canada

Canadians are becoming Apple fans in 2022. What’s really surprising is that they’re falling in love with this Silicon Valley giant not because of their laptops or smartphones, but because of their innovative credit cards.

Since Apple launched its first credit card in March 2019, a growing number of Canadians have been willing to try it out. While this card is only available in the US right now, it’s important to be aware of its benefits and features, especially as Tim Cook plans to expand to new markets including Europe, Canada and Australia.

In the Great White North, Apple credit cards are a hot topic of discussion among journalists, finance enthusiasts and of course regular Apple fans. In this Apple Credit Card review, we take a closer look at how this card works and how it can allow you to stay on top of your finances for years to come.

Is apple credit card available in Canada

Apple Card is not yet available in Canada. In fact, at the time of writing, it is only available in the US. Given its forward-looking features, Apple Card does not partner with traditional banks.

Apple wants to expand Card availability in the country. Also, in January 2021, the trademark application for apple card in canada was approved by the Canadian government.

So there is some hope that Apple Card will one day be available in Canada. Meanwhile, there are many options in the country giving tough competition to this new option. Some Canadian Apple Card alternatives were made in Canada and by Canadians!

Buy Apple products with interest-free monthly payments

Apple Cardholders can use their card to pay for Apple products as well as pay interest-free in monthly installments. While paying for the device, just choose the installment option and you’re done.

After that, the monthly amount is added to your account as a minimum payment. If multiple Apple products are purchased with this payment option, monthly payments will be adjusted. Thus, there is always only one balance to track.

Easy to understand daily discounts

Many credit cards allow you to earn rewards based on your spending, and the Apple Card is no exception. Apple Card rewards system is very simple! Cardholders get instant cash back every time they spend. These are deposited into the Daily Cash app that you add to Apple Wallet.

You can use remittances to cover expenses or transfer funds to a bank account. It is also possible to transfer money from the Daily Cash app to a friend using only the Message app. Another option is to just leave the money there and watch it grow.

Holders will receive a 3% discount on all purchases at Apple, including the App Store, iTunes and others. If you are a big fan of Apple products, you will realize that the savings add up very quickly

Apple products are expensive so 3% is a nice chunk of change. For all other purchases paid with a virtual card, such as with an Apple Pay account, the discount is 2%. However, it is possible to get 3% back from some participants like Nike and Uber.

Apple family

A unique feature is the apple family sharing, and it’s up to the cardholder to decide what that family is! Accounts can have two co-owners and can add up to four more people, called participants, to the same account. Each co-owner is responsible for payment. Account members then receive discounts based on their personal spending.

With this option, members who combine their accounts enjoy higher credit limits while enjoying lower interest rates on both accounts. Co-owners are fully equal and enjoy the same benefits.

Participants over the age of 18 can start building their credit history and learn how to manage their money. Otherwise, persons under the age of 13 may participate. Of course, parental controls can be put on their accounts.

Apple Card is beautiful

Physical credit cards are fantastic. While most credit cards are made of plastic, the Apple Card is made of titanium and has a very clean aesthetic. There are no cryptograms on the card, just the customer’s name and the logos of Apple, Mastercard and Goldman Sachs. If the cardholder wants to make a transaction that requires data like the card’s expiration date or encryption code, that information is available in Apple’s Wallet app.

Alternatives to the Apple Card in Canada

Neo CardTM

Neo Card is a free credit card that gives users the ability to earn cash back on their everyday purchases. Users can earn an average of 5% cashback with Neo partners and a minimum of 1% in general They have over 7,000 loyalty programs for you to explore and earn rewards Some of their partners include Second Cup, Budget, Struktube, Contiki, Herschel and more.

Additionally, Neo users can get up to 15% cashback as welcome bonus just by making their first purchase with a partner of Neo. Like the Apple Card, Neo also has important security features including zero liability and the ability to freeze your account with the tap of a button.

Stack MasterCard

Stack MasterCard is a reloadable prepaid card that entitles users to cashback and discounts at participating stores. The card has no annual fee and can be used anywhere in the world that stack mastercard review.

Through this, users can get instant cashback from over 140 retailers including big brands like Indigo, Hello Fresh, The Body Shop, Reebok, Frank & Oak and more.

Users can also avail its exclusive discounts with certain retailers. Like the Apple Card, STACK has no annual fees, no ATM withdrawal fees and e-transfers between STACK users are free.

You’ll also benefit from additional features like their automatic savings tools, expense trackers, and instant notifications

Coho Account with Prepaid MasterCard

Like the Apple Card, KOHO’s EZ account has no annual fee unless you upgrade to its Essential or Premium account, for which your

It will cost $4 or $9 per month respectively Depending on the KOHO account you open, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits, including:

Cash Back – Earn up to 2% cashback on purchases and up to 6% additional cashback with KOHO partner merchants*

Savings Interest – Earn up to 1.5% savings interest on your entire Coho account balance.

Credit Building – When you open a KOHO account, you’ll be able to use their credit-building tools for a fee.

How to get apple card in canada – FAQ

Is Apple Card good in Canada?

Yes, the Apple Credit Card works just like a regular credit card. It is issued exclusively through Apple and their partner Goldman Sachs

Is Apple Card a good card to have?

apple mastercard canada is a good credit card for people who make a lot of purchases with Apple Pay, and it’s easily worth it because of its rewards and $0 annual fee. Apple purchases made with Apple Card via Apple Pay will earn 3% cashback, while other Apple Pay charges will return 2%.

Is Apple Card in Canada yet?

Thus, it allows Apple Card holders to make monthly payments on their Apple products and pay no interest. You can do this through their Apple Card monthly installments or through ACMI. It is important to note that this is only available in the US at the moment.

What is the benefit of having an Apple Card?

Whether you buy things with Apple Pay or a laser-etched titanium card, the Apple Card can do a lot of things that no other credit card can. Get 2% daily cashback every time you pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch. See every purchase fulfilled immediately. don’t wait

Is the Apple card a real credit card?

Yes, the Apple Credit Card works just like a regular credit card. It is issued exclusively through Apple and their partner Goldman Sachs.

The Bottom Line

This new card will surely make your life easier and help you become wiser with your finances. Stay tuned for its launch and till then be ready to be an Apple fan and try their devices and use their services

The new Apple Credit Card will certainly be more than welcome in the Canadian market. Although it already has some strong competitors in our market, such as American Express Cobalt Card, Tangerine Money-Back Card, SimpliCash Preferred, or Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card, Apple Card has the potential to destroy everything. “Enemy”.

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