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The best tools for a Digital Marketing agency are designed to scale, impress your customers and bring you new business.

Two of the most commonly reported challenges for marketing companies are services that differentiate themselves from the competition and adopt new marketing strategies to gain a competitive advantage.

Best Tools For Digital Marketing Influitive

Use this tool for client referrals. Both Influential and Ambassador are top of their line and specifically designed to handle B2B referrals (although both can handle B2C business models).

Consider this before asking “why do I need referral marketing software”: Referrals are the # 1 channel for getting new customers. It surpasses any other customer acquisition channel for digital agencies.


The title seems vague, we know, but Zapier does just that: it helps you create links between different apps, thus automating the data collection and exchange process.

For example, whenever your client emails you an attachment to Zapier, you can automatically upload it to Dropbox. Or, imagine that your client wants to get a notification every time he posts something on Instagram.


Use this tool to manage a profitable marketing funnel. If you really want your clients to be successful, you need to think outside the box.  

This will help you understand where your customers have marketing gaps and allow you to be the hero who bridges those gaps and provides increased revenue.

This is exactly what Big-Picture clients want from agencies, and having such funnel-visualization tools can get you ahead of any other agency that isn’t using it.

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Adobe XD

Use this tool to design and prototype UX. So your customer wants a new website, and you want to show them how great it can be, but you don’t want to spend working days showing them.

Adobe XD is a widely used wireframe tool that can create functional, gorgeous websites and apps. Those wireframes can then be shared and will work on both desktop and mobile devices. Your clients and agency colleagues will be able to leave comments and feedback from anywhere.


Use this tool for user testing. Remember that deadly Peloton ad for the 2019 holiday ad season? This is an example of what can happen if you start a campaign inside an echo chamber without getting feedback from your audience.

Before you launch get a real idea about your actual ad, product, or website to make sure you never run out of Peloton. This is what Userbrain (or its competitor, UserTesting) can do. This gives the user a snap check.


Use this tool to create powerful business content. Xtensio is a strategy and communication platform where anyone can easily create, manage, share and present professional business parallels.

Teams collaborate in real-time on documents, presentations, proposals, reports, sales sheets, and other strategic exercises. Start with a template or create your own.

The editor works like a web creator, so it’s easy to add pictures, videos, tables, and other interactive modules. Drag and drop, resize, change the background, and specify colors and fonts to match your brand.

The best part is that the deliveries made on Xtensio are live documents (folio). Share public links with colleagues and customers, so that all emails are always up-to-date without attachments.

Mobile Monkey

Use this tool to create a chatbot. Chatbots are automated communication robots that are programmed to respond to messages between web apps and mobile applications. These are used to help most agencies handle customer support tickets and searches.

However, the use of chatbots does not end here. Juniper Research estimates that chatbots will save the business up to 8 8 billion annually by 2022. This statistic is not surprising to those who use chatbot software.

Chatbots are the first line of support for customer management teams, and chatbots are available during emergencies or during business hours, instead of customers waiting for hours to resolve common issues. Provide immediate assistance outside.


Use this tool for designing, prototyping, collaborating, and handoff. Want to design + collaborate with your team on a website or mobile application? How about collaborating and optimizing remotely based on your market research results?

MockPlus is a web-based collaboration and hands-on tool for product design teams and enterprises. The software runs counter to popular design tools including Adobe Xd, Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, and Axure.

Users can export designs to MockPlus to collaborate with team members: create custom specifications for design notes, pages, elements, or layers, add interactions to designs and make them live, control the version and finally hand over the design to resource and ready developers – CSS code snippets ready to use.

In addition to importing designs from other tools, MockPlus also offers a built-in online interactive prototyping tool that lets users create functional web or mobile app prototypes in minutes using a simple drag-and-drop feature.


Use this tool to manage marketing calendars. That’s why you want a blog, a social media calendar, to reshare posts and be at the top of your editorial calendar. For 50 customers. Oops, and you want it to work natively in WordPress? No problem. All you need is the Best Tools For Digital Marketing CoSchedule.

CoSchedule lets you create unique, branded editorial calendars for all your clients. This will create a snap for collaboration, planning, component approval, and production management.


Use this tool for team and task management. Let’s say five hundred dollars. You already know slack. However, its rival Asana also gets a lot of praise. Many people actually prefer seats over slacks in terms of team, task, and project management and so being able to work in both cases can help you attract or retain a valuable client.

Asana also has some agency collaboration templates that can help you get up to speed. Alternatively, if you’ve already tried both Asana and Slack and found them lacking, check out FunctionFox, which has received reviews from agency professionals in Capterra’s ranking for advertising agency software.


Best tools for digital marketing Marketers love tools, but who can blame us? They save time, make work easier and give us better results. Agencies, in particular, are under so much pressure that spending a little money on a good tool is usually a smart move.

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