NBC Credit Card in Canada Review 2023

NBC Credit Card: National Bank offers a variety of MasterCard credit cards in popular categories such as cash back, travel incentives, no-fee, and low rates.

Whether you need a deluxe credit card with VIP features or you don’t want to pay any extra fees, National Bank has a credit card that will meet your needs.

This National Bank credit card review lists the most outstanding NBC credit card rewards and NBC credit card ratings and other details in each category.

Who is National Bank?

National Bank offers a full suite of financial services and products, including personal banking, investments, brokerage services, and credit cards.

Best (National Bank) NBC Credit Cards in Canada

National Bank offers several MasterCard credit cards that fall into popular categories, including cash back, travel rewards, no-fee, and low-interest rates.

Whether your needs require a premium credit card with VIP perks or you don’t want to pay an annual fee, National Bank offers a credit card that can meet your needs.

This National Bank credit card review covers its best card offers in each category, its rewards programs, fees, and more.

National Bank of Canada MasterCard® Allure Credit Card

  • Earn 1 point for every $2 spent
  • Get $10 cashback for every 1,000 points
  • Enjoy exclusive savings at Allure partner locations
  • Go online to buy redeemable gift cards at Allure Partners and get 10% off when you pay with your Allure Card
  • Pre-authorized debit service
  • MasterCard zero liability

Purchase Insurance – Provides coverage for 90 days after the date of purchase in case of theft or damage

Extended Warranty After Purchase – Doubles the original warranty period by an additional year

National Bank of Canada MasterCard® Syncro Credit Card

An ideal card for financing a large project by taking advantage of low-interest rates and annual fees. You have to pay a proportion of the balance every month.

  • Additional cards are issued at no additional cost
  • 90-day purchase protection and extended warranty on most items purchased with your card
  • Zero Liability Fraud Protection

National Bank of Canada MasterCard® MC1 Credit Card

The most accessible card with no annual fee. Designed for young adults, this card allows you to build a credit history

  • Additional cars are free
  • Enjoy a credit card with no annual fee and avoid interest charges by paying your balance in full each month
  • 90-day purchase protection and extended warranty on items purchased with your card
  • The minimum credit limit is $500
  • MasterCard zero liability

National Bank of Canada MasterCard® Edition Credit Card

Simple solutions for everyday shopping and unexpected expenses. Purchase insurance within 90 days of the purchase date and the extended warranty upon purchase doubles the manufacturer’s guarantee for an additional year.

  • Opt for automatic annual cashback
  • Protect yourself against unauthorized purchases
  • Get an extended warranty that doubles the original warranty period up to a maximum of one additional year
  • The à la carte rewards scheme lets you collect points quickly and gives you easy access to a selection of great rewards online
  • Additional cards are issued at no additional cost
  • Benefit from 90-day purchase insurance
  • Pre-authorized debit service

National Bank of Canada MasterCard® Platinum Credit Card

A card that gives you peace of mind when you travel and makes everyday purchases. Take advantage of big spending to earn more points

  • You’ll earn 1.5 points per dollar spent
  • Additional card for $35 annually
  • Redeem your points for travel rewards, brand-name items, gift cards, or discounts on National Bank products
  • A medical emergency, trip cancellation and interruption, and baggage loss insurance up to 60 days
  • Use your card to rent a car and hit the road with peace of mind—you’re protected against material damage for up to 48 days
  • 180-day coverage and triple manufacturer’s warranty on most purchases made with your card
  • MasterCard zero liability

National Bank of Canada MasterCard® Ultramar Credit Card

It’s a card that earns you cashback on your gas purchases and will take you the extra mile by lowering your annual heating oil and appliance bills.

  • Get cashback on gas purchases at Ultramar stations8 and when you pay with your card at Ultramar Home Heating and other retailers
  • Cashback is automatically credited to your account (up to $250 per year)
  • Zero Liability Fraud Protection

About National Bank of Canada Careers

National Bank of Canada (NBC) provides personal and business banking, wealth management, and other financial services.

Private and commercial banking includes checking, savings, and business investment accounts; Card products such as debit and credit cards.

Provides loan solutions for personal use, including cars, lines of credit, and mortgages, among other things; equity investment; insurance options for mortgage, travel, and credit card transactions; global business; foreign exchange transactions; salary; and cash management services.

Wealth management services include wealth management consulting, investment management, money and succession planning, portfolio construction, and pension planning.


Q.: What are national credit card companies?

The term “national issuer” refers to financial institutions that offer credit cards nationally, such as American Express ( AXP ), Citigroup ( C ), and Discover Financial Services ( DFS ).

Q.: Which bank is No 1 on a credit card?

According to RBI, HDFC Bank has a 28.4% market share in credit card spending by July 2022. The most popular HDFC credit cards available in the market are: HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card

Q.: How many credit cards are available in Canada?

There are currently approximately 76.2 million Visa and MasterCard credit cards in circulation in Canada. If we use Statistics Canada’s 2021 quarter population estimates and determine that there are about 38 million Canadians, we realize that every Canadian has about two credit cards.

Q.: What are the 4 types of credit cards?

Rewards credit card. Secure credit card. Low-interest credit cards. Cashback credit card.

Q.: What is the lowest credit score in Canada?

In Canada, credit scores range from poor (around 300) to excellent (900).

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