The best bank for small business

The best bank for small business: A business banking account is not just a place to store your business funds. The right bank can make your business easier to manage and help you reach your goals.

But they are not one-size-fits-all. Restaurants need to deposit cash in a physical branch A tech startup may prefer an online bank.

What type of bank to choose for small business

The first step is to decide what type of bank you want to use for your small business. There are three main types:

National Banks: These are big banks with many branches and ATMs across the country These are convenient and usually provide more services and products. This can be a great option for more established businesses.

Local Banks: Small businesses may benefit more from local banks or credit unions. A small bank may be more interested in helping local businesses grow.

Online banking: This option is good for online businesses or freelancers who do not need cash deposits.

There are lower fees and requirements. As a bonus, they often offer high-interest rates.

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Best Bank for Small Business

Chase: The best brick-and-mortar bank

Chase’s excellent business products and customer service have earned us the #1 position. Also, it often offers coupons for new customers.

It has a unique business checking account, including credit card processing. It’s a great choice for small retailers, restaurants, and local services.

When you make a card payment using QuickAccept, you will receive a credit to your business checking account on the same day. It really helps keep the cash flow moving.

There are many options ranging from cash back to travel rewards.

Axos Bank: Business check with interest

Axos Bank offers business checking and savings accounts with competitive interest rates.

It has an excellent business interest checking account. Unlike BlueVine, APY does not require any deposit or activity to earn. You will get higher interest rates on all balances below $ 50,000.

You will get unlimited domestic ATM fee reimbursement. Cash can be deposited through MoneyPass and Allpoint ATMs.

But an average balance of $ 5,000 is required to waive the monthly fee of a business interest checking account. Another downside is that it gives you 100 free transactions per month.

LendingClub: Best for Cashback Rewards

LendingClub (formerly Radius Bank) is the only online bank that has a great business checking account.

A convenient checking account gives you A1% cashback on debit card purchases. But to get this benefit you need an average balance of at least $ 5,000.

You get free ATM access around the world. You can deposit cash in MoneyPass or take a Sum network deposit in ATM

Bank of America: Lower Minimum Requirements

This is a great option if you are looking for lots of physical branch locations and ATMs.

There are 2 levels of Business Advantage Banking Account. It gives you more flexibility to change as your needs fluctuate.

The basic level offers an easy way to waive the monthly fee. You only need $ 250 for monthly purchases with a debit card. No minimum balance is required.

It comes with built-in cash management tools. Your account integrates with business apps like QuickBook, Google Analytics, and more. You can see all the metrics of your business in one place

US Bank: National Bank with free checking

It is difficult to find a free business checking account in a large financial institution. Our bank is one of the few large physical banks that have the option to check business without any charge.

There is no monthly service fee or minimum account balance in the Silver Business Checking package. It is ideal for new small businesses and startups that want to save money on bank fees

US Bank has more than 2,000 branches, but mostly on the West Coast. But if you are not near any branch, you can still use 37,000+ Manipas ATMs without any charge.


Choosing the best bank for your small business needs is critical to your success and growth. It will be needed for the financial management of your business. Also, it will help when applying for a business loan or other services.

The right bank can open up more opportunities and help take your business to the next level.

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