Top 100 Fintech Companies

The fintech industry is growing every year, and the market is working with financial service providers and early-stage fintech startups to meet customer demand and shape the future of money.

Fintech companies raised $ 94.7 billion globally in the first three quarters of 2021. Many innovative financial services and the largest fintech companies are driving that growth by attracting investors to offer new financial products and services.

But as more and more companies enter the fintech space, it can become difficult to check through and identify key players. To help, we’ve listed the largest fintech startups in six areas: banking, financing, investment and asset management, insurance, currency and exchange, and lending and financing.

Top 100 Fintech Companies


Zeb-pay is a reliable and secure crypto exchange with a single wallet that serves customers worldwide. Zebpay is available on the web, Android, and iOS for trading Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and many other popular cryptocurrencies.

Zeb-pay for Android and iOS provides a seamless mobile trading experience for everyone, everywhere. More than 3 million consumers worldwide believe in Zebpay’s security and ease of use for crypto trading. It is one of the first major exchanges to integrate Lightning Network Trading.


Venmo account holders can transfer funds to others through the mobile phone app, but the only condition of this payment app is that both the sender and the recipient must be in the United States.

It should be a digital wallet that can easily make money transactions for everyone from students to small businesses. Users can split items and checks without using a credit card. It allows you to choose a source of funds by linking a credit card, bank account, or using a Venmo balance.


Varo is a brand new type of bank. It is driven by a mission to redefine banking, so it’s easy for everyone to make smart choices with their money.

In a mobile app, Varo offers customers no-cost premium bank accounts and high-interest savings accounts, and technology-first features through Bankorp Bank to help people manage their money efficiently.

The company believes that everyone should be treated fairly by the bank regardless of their net worth if they want to succeed.

Up stocks

Upstocks is a fintech company that allows innovative investment options for its clients. It allows retail investors to trade in the equity market through its platform, ensuring that clients benefit from a high-tech online trading platform and world-class services every step of the way, from account opening to operation. Business and beyond.


TrueLayer focuses on building an infrastructure that puts Fintech at the fingertips of the people. It uses its toolkit to develop consumer and server message block applications for payments, online lending, robotic advisors, insurance, P2P marketplaces, and cryptocurrencies.

The goal is to develop an open banking economy for companies to develop new financial services and schemes.


rueAccord is re-establishing the relationship between lenders and lenders through the ML-powered digital approach to debt collection.

The company’s technology creates personalized access to each customer across digital channels, optimizing for performance while delivering a customer experience that will build long-term brand loyalty.

TrueAccord also believes in building ethical values ​​in organizations to promote equality and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The company believes in bringing A-games and is ready to make the best contribution.


TransUnion is a global information and insights company that helps build trusting relationships between customers and businesses, ensuring that each participant is faithfully and securely represented in the market.

The company provides a platform that provides complete credit protection from credit alerts, credit scores, and credit reports in one place. With it, companies can better understand customers to make more informed decisions. Businesses and consumers can transact securely and achieve great things together.


TransferWise is now known as Wise. The platform focuses on providing an original money transfer product with a limitless account for travelers and freelancer visitors.

Wise’s primary goal is to help people make money without limits. Its multi-currency account and clever debit car will replace the international banking system. This platform basically focuses on a transparent, simple, and fair customer experience.


Tide aims to help SMEs save time and money while running their business. It is one of the leading providers of digital business banking services and one of the fastest-growing fintech in the UK.

The Tide platform not only provides business accounting and related banking services but also offers a comprehensive set of highly useful administrative solutions such as complete integration with accounting systems. Tide believes that in order to truly serve SMEs, their needs need to be constantly addressed.


Tandem is building a good green bank. The Bank operates as an internet bank with a web app. It is challenging the traditional banking legacy by creating an app and other products with input from the user community.

The goal of the tandem is to make money easier, to help users avoid financial stress, and relax. Its open banking facility ensures easier management than traditional bank transfers and is more secure than card payments.


Tala is a fintech company whose goal is to create financial systems that can work and help everyone. Tala has distributed approximately US $ 1 billion to approximately 4 million customers in East Africa, Mexico, the Philippines, and India.

Most businesses in the region have turned to pay school fees and bills to build a more stable financial life. The company is driven by data science and machine learning to create a modern credit infrastructure from scratch.

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